Inspiring Change

I’m passionate about empowering people in their wellness because our world is dying. Rates of obesity, mental illness, heart disease, diabetes,  cancer and more are all rising. What does this world look like for our children? I’m a mother, I feel it, I look at my girls and I want to create a world I am happy for them to live in.

I became passionate about wellness when my first daughter was born. She was born with health challenges that really knocked us over. I learnt a lot, not only about how to heal her, but about how to heal myself. And who knew I needed so much healing! I became very aware that my lifestyle had impacted my inner health greatly and this presented in my weak immune system, auto-immune disease, recurrent gut/bladder issues and even depression. I became committed to help others because I noticed that there are literally 1000 products and services out there claiming to help you with your diet, sleep, stress, and exercise and it’s overwhelming!  Many find it easier, more comfortable to do nothing, but let’s be honest, the opposite of wellness is miserable! So I found a way to support people to choose a solution personalised to their own needs and know confidently that it’s working to progress you towards your wellness goals.

This solution came in form of Digital health technology, which can give you deep insight into your health and help you identify the most damaging triggers to illness within your body.

If you want to take care of your body, you have to start deep within, with our body’s life forces; microscopic energy factories called Mitochondria.  These are the Superheroes of our Wellness and they are under attack from bad sleep, bad diet, lack of exercise and the toxins flooding our lives. This causes mitochondrial dysfunction and is a characteristic of aging and all chronic diseases.  For example, loss of function in our mitochondria can result in the excess fatigue and other symptoms in just about every chronic disease you can imagine. I became a veritable ‘mitochondriac’ when I realised the importance of these superheroes on my health! Read more here.

To understand more about the changes that can transform your health, read on!

Heart Health

Your heart muscle cells contain far more mitochondria than any other organ in your body!  About 5,000 mitochondria per cell that need to be working efficiently to to keep the heart pumping 24/7 over a lifetime. By comparison, the tissue of the biceps muscle has about 200 mitochondria per cell.


You’ll hate me for saying this (although it won’t come as a shock)… the typical nutrient-poor western diet filled with sugar and processed, fried, and hydrogenated oils is one of the BIG enemies to our Mitochondrial Superheroes. Bruce Ames, Ph.D., a respected molecular biologist and aging expert at the University of California, regards the common nutrient deficiencies generated by the American diet as a profound cause of mitochondrial decay and accelerated aging and disease.

There are countless shakes and diet plans on the market today that claim to be the answer to weight loss and better health, but it can be overwhelming the one to choose that is going to work for you.  Your body may have all the answers you need.

Everybody’s body is unique in how it responds to certain foods and what it is lacking.  Companies out there certainly have great solutions. There are real green tea (as opposed to teabag-tea) and coffee (rich in polyphenols) MLMS, shakes like Isagenix and Herbalife and intermittent fasting techniques, as well as products to experience therapeutic ketones and ketosis diets.  These are great “mito boosters”!  But what if you could eat real, whole food that is tailored to your chemical makeup?  Click here to see exactly how

Physical Activity

Many types of exercise are mitochondria-healthy. Walking is great. Weight training is great. Yet, the best type of exercise for your mitochondria is high-intensity interval training.  This is where you do something at a high intensity for a short amount of time , take a break and then repeat.  This has the amazing effect of burning fat even after you have finished exercising!  And it is GREAT for your Mitochondria.  It’s like revving up the little engines of those powerhouses so that they work at their best potential!  What you need to see though, is how the exercise you are doing affects your heart rate.  If your heart rate isn’t up sufficiently, it isn’t high intensity!  There will also be other exercise that is suited to your lifestyle and your goals.  The first step is understand your DNA.

Stress Reduction

Stress is bad for our Mitochondrial Superheroes, so get your stress under control. I know that is easier said than done, but believe me, I have a lot of experience in this area!  A great place to start is to understand your triggers of stress.  It might not be obvious and it might be a surprise that what may feel like a little stress on the outside is causing a whole heap of damage in the inside!  Tracking your mood and how you are responding to daily events is key, and if you’re open, I can then help you relieve the stress you are feeling with my coaching,  aromatherapy, supplements (see below), and more.


We need 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night.  Many things contribute to whether our sleep is quality sleep.  We can sleep for 10 hours, but it is not necessarily of quality enough to support our mitochondria.  The first thing to do is identify the quality of your sleep and understand your sleep trends, so you can see what makes you sleep well and what makes you sleep badly.

Toxic Reduction

We encounter toxins daily and the organs that help to filter toxins are overloaded. It is really important to start reducing the toxins we expose ourselves to by eating clean and removing chemicals from our daily routines, but there is one damaging threat to our mitochondrial health that you can’t see and it”s everywhere.  Read more here!


Nutritional supplements can make a big difference in your mitochondrial health, but not all supplements are made equally and many are synthetic versions of the nutrients we need, which the body cannot process and so, are waste of money.  The particular supplements you need should be tailored to your body’s particular needs!

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